Welcome to Our Condominium
Legacy Towers Unit 706 (Left Tower)
2228 Beach Drive
Gulfport, MS 39507

Bob Singleton
Owner Unit 706

Contact Information

Telephone: 334-590-7537

Email Address: Legacy706Owner@aaalinks.com
or bob@janitorialsupplies.com

Owner Address:
608 River Ridge St..
Wetumpka, AL 36092

Very Important Information: (Read Condo Rules)

  • Checking In - Condo should be ready for check-in no later than 4:00 PM. If you have already checked in, you can skip this paragraph. When you arrive at the gate, security will issue your parking pass to be hung on your cars rear view mirrow. Your condo is the left building (Tower II). Looking at the building from the rear, the first entrance door on the right leads to the elevators to your room on 7th floor. (You will also find carts which you are free to use to take luggage to your room - please return carts to where found). You will take the elevator up to the 7th floor to your room 706. You should see the door code in your welcome email plus instructions and code for a backup key in case the lock battery is dead.

  • Unit 706 Ownership: This unit is privately owned so please respect the owner's items. All items are inventoried upon your departure, so please make sure that any problems are reported. You will be charged for any missing or broken items due to your negligence.

  • Grills and Balconies: No grills are allowed on the balconies. Grills can be used in common areas only. Do not hang items from the balcony railing or throw anything from the balcony.

  • Pet Policy & Smoking Policy: SMOKING is not allowed in the unit at any time. Guest can not have pets in unit 706 or anywhere within the premises of the Legacy. A $500 fee will be charged for any violation of this policy plus any additional charges to get the unit back into the original condition when you arrived.

  • Guest Packet - On the bar area you will find your guest display of Armbands, plus 2 Key FOB's. The key fob's are for gate entrance, exercise room, game room, and inside pool area. Should your key fobs not work, you can punch in the code on the back of the fob followed by # - Please see the HOA manager in Tower I for if your FOB doesn't work properly

    Upon checking out please return key fobs to the Guest Display where they werefound. BE SURE TO LOCK THE DOOR AND RETURN THE ENTRANCE KEY TO THE LOCKBOX (if used) LOCATED IN THE EAST STAIRWELL. A $25 fee will be charged for missing keys and/or key fobs.

  • Parking - You will be issued your parking passes upon entry by security. Your assigned garage parking is stall #161 (2nd Level) There is a covered walkway from the garage back to your condo entrance. If your car does not have a permit displayed, or if parked in an unauthorized space, then your car is subject to being towed away at your expense.

  • Pools, Spa's, Exercise Room, Sauna - Please wear armbands for identification. You will have two access key fobs in your guest packet. (Please be sure to return to the packet when checking out and place packet in same place as found upon arrival - THANKS!)

    No glassware is allowed in pool or beach areas. There is a $500 fine and up to $3,000 should they have to drain the pool! Do not take linens to the pool or the beach. Linens are inventoried and you will be charged for any missing items.

  • Trash & Garbage Disposal - All garbage must be contained in bags that do not leak and placed in the dumpster or chute located just past and to the left of your floors elevator. (Please do not leave any trash in your room upon your departure - THANKS!)

    When using the Garbage Disposal, please run cold water before, during and after the use of the disposal unit. DO NOT place shrimp peeling, onion skins, eggshells, rice, bones, oyster shells or any other seafood in the unit.

  • Departure: Check out time is 10:00 AM. Failure to comply will result in an additional full day charge. Make sure no personal items are left behind. Please dispose of all trash and food, place all dishes in the dishwasher, lock all windows and doors, place the 2 key fobs with 2 condo keys back into your guest display slot found on the bar. LOCK the front door and return your room key to the lockbox found in the stairwell.

  • FOB Gate & Building Entrance: Click Here for FOB Door Key

  • TV Program Guide: Click Here for TV Lineup Guide - A Free Listing by ChannelMaster.com

  • TV'S & Remote Information: Click Here TV & Remote Information

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